Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ten Year Anniversary

 This past Thursday we celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We spent the week on a cruise and visited Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas. We took lots of pictures so instead of blowing up Instagram I'm just going to post all of them here. 

              Our first day at sea. 
Most of our day was spent acting like small children on the water slides :) A lot of racing happened and the winner is still being debated. 

        The rest of the time was spent 
           sunbathing and eating :) 

        All dressed up for dinner after our      
                      first day at sea. 

       I'm very happy to call him mine!

     I just can't handle him in that suit 😍 

         The sunset from our balcony. 
   Nassau, Bahamas. It was beautiful, obviously, but the locals are not very friendly and really pushy making it really unpleasant to walk around. 

 We took a ferry from Nassau to Balmoral Island to spend the day at the beach. The water was a bit cool and the beach was crowded, but we did have a good time snorkeling and finding shells to bring back for the kids!
Our next stop was in Freeport. The experience there was much more pleasant! The locals were very friendly. It's a very industrial town and not very impressive at first glance. But after you leave the city it is a beautiful city! This was the actual day of our anniversary and we spent it kayaking through the Lucayan National Forests. 

The creek ran through Red Mangrove trees. It was beautiful and the water was crystal clear. We kayaked 2.5 miles in under an hour and in true competitive nature we made sure we finished first 😉 We definitely earned our buffet that day!

             Steering hard...

           While he takes selfies ;)

After we made it to the end of the creek we had a short walk to the beach. The mangroves were so thick through here. The pictures don't show how pretty they really were. Their root systems go into the sand under the water and the trees float on top. Each species has a different way of ridding itself of the salt from the water and they are excellent environments for juvenile fish. 

This was the end of the trail of our walk. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I've been to many beaches and this was by far the most beautiful one I've ever seen!

     If my babies had been there I think I   
      could've stayed there forever. 

There wasn't anyone else in sight other than our small group. 

 If you ever want to visit a truly secluded beach with perfect white sand and warm water then Gold Rock Beach is excellent! It was shallow all the way to the second shade of blue and it was very gentle. It would be perfect for little ones!

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to spend our special day! I'm so blessed to get to do life with this man. I'm so thankful and grateful for him. I'm also thankful he's not into the dad bod 😍