Monday, November 3, 2014

Ezra's 6 Month Update

 It's already been half a year since our little guy came into our lives! I can't believe how quickly it has flown by. You would think that having done this twice before it wouldn't surprise me how quickly time passes, but it does! 

  Ezra is doing great and still growing like crazy. He had his 6 month check up this morning and he weighs 20 pounds 10 ounces and he's 29 inches long. He is >97% in both of those! He's is physically and developmentally right on track. 

 This past month we did start solid foods and as you would guess by his robust size, he does LOVE to eat. So far there isn't anything he hasn't liked. Right now his favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes.  We are doing baby led weaning and we are both loving it. I'm amazed at how quickly he has learned to feed himself and I love how much less work it is for me not having to purée or fix a separate meal for him. He just eats what we eat. Within reason, obviously. 

 He is now sitting up like a champ! He can turn himself in circles and can go quite the distance by scooting around on his round bottom :) He is definitely interested in crawling and I suspect it won't be long until he's on the move. 

 He has become quite the little talker. He makes lots of different sounds and if he's awake you can pretty much bet that he's talking :)

His sleep is somewhat improving. He had developed a sleep association with nursing. Even though he always puts himself to sleep, for some reason at night he thinks he needs to nurse to get back to sleep. I spent a whole weekend camped out in his room gently sleep training him. I wanted to keep the crying to a minimum and I found that method worked best for us.  It has helped and he now will sometimes go 4-5 hours without waking. 

 He has developed such a beautiful personality. He is such a happy baby and he loves to laugh. Especially at his big sisters! He is just the sweetest boy and brings me so much joy! Here are some pictures from the past month. 

        Watching daddy change his oil :)

As Olaf on Halloween with Elsa and Anna

   His first ride in the wagon. He loved it!

             This face cracks me up!!

      His first trip to the fire house to see         
                       Uncle Eric.