Monday, May 25, 2015

Ezra's One!

 Yes, it's true! I know I say this every update, but I just can't believe he's been here an entire year! Actually, I am a month late so now he's just days away from 13 months.
 He has changed so much since his 9 month update! Just like both of his big sisters, he started walking at 10 months. It didn't take him long to master it and now he's on the run...all the time :) He's also mastered climbing on everything! This is my first experience with a climber and I'm still trying to get used to it. No matter where he is, he wants to be at the highest point in the room. It's nerve wracking to say the least!
 His communication is also starting to take off. He's always been a chatty baby, but now some actual words are starting to form. He can say Mom, Da (not dad, da), snack, bite and no. He can sign "more", but he's not much into using it. I found it really beneficial with both of the girls, but he's just not into it. He actually gets a little frustrated when I try to get him to.
 His personality is really starting to shine. He's such a funny kid and loves to make people laugh! He's also very, very busy! He doesn't do anything longer than a minute or two. He's always looking for what he's going to do next. Much different than his sisters for sure! He's very curious and it takes him no time at all to figure things out, including whatever you've used to block him from climbing the stairs or to keep him contained in a certain area. He's also a  social boy and quickly warms up to just about anyone which is VERY different than his sisters! He's nosey and he's always interested in what everyone is doing.
 Physically he is still a big boy! At his one year check up he was 24 pounds which was 93% and 32 inches which was off the charts. Since he started walking his weight gain has slowed a little and his chunky thighs have slimmed up a little :( I'm sure going to miss all those rolls when they're gone! Even though his weight gain has slowed, his appetite has not! He hasn't gone through the normal 12 month slow down and it doesn't look like he plans on it. He is an excellent eater which is a welcome relief after 2 picky little girls!
 As of tomorrow it will be one whole week since he last nursed. He had been down to one nursing session a day and then he just stopped. It's very bittersweet for me. I love breastfeeding so I was sad to see it end. But, after spending the first 9 months of his life nursing every 2 hours at night I got to a point of wanting it to be over. It makes me sad that I felt that way, but the exhaustion just took a toll on me. After he finally started sleeping through the night and was only nursing in the morning and evening I fell back in love with it. I'm really glad I stuck it out and ended in a good place. Nursing my babies is something I'll always treasure and I'm so glad I was able to do it. Out of the last 9 years I've spent 5 of them being pregnant or breastfeeding babies, I'm happy to have my whole body back completely to myself! Definitely a bittersweet feeling.
 This past year has been such a joy and blessing! He's such a beautiful soul and he has been the perfect addition to our family! I could not love that little guy more <3

Climbing. I <3 those leg rolls!

Playing at the park.

This boy LOVES balls!

His first watermelon. He loved it!

All dressed up.

Raising a Pokes fan!

A Very Hungry Caterpillar first birthday party!

He was a big fan of the cake, obviously.

Before he destroyed it.

The day he turned 1!